Church volunteers as well as those who volunteer their time with non-profit organizations can save on taxes.
Volunteers can take certain deductions on their federal income tax returns for some of the expenses incurred in their church ministry involvement, according to materials provided by the Internal Revenue Service. Certain unreimbursed, out-of-pocket costs such as auto mileage, parking, travel expenses, uniforms, and telephone bills can be deducted from the individual's taxes. According to IRS Publication 526, you may take out-of-pocket expenses when you serve a qualified organization as a volunteer.
The IRS does not allow volunteers to deduct the value of their time or services, dues, fees, or bills paid to country clubs, lodges, fraternal orders, or similar groups, or tuition.
These contributions are all included as cash contributions on Schedule A of the volunteer's personal income tax return (Form 1040).
For more information, consult Publication 526 or your tax professional. The publication may be found at