Help us Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

After receiving a numbers of calls and then doing a bit of research I am sharing with you what we are doing for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Every organization I have spoken with has given a collective list of reasons as to why right now the very best thing we can send is financial assistance. So, I am asking each church in the Chowan association to consider Receiving an offering beginning this coming Sunday. If you would like to send the offerings to the CBA office made out to CBA, we will direct the money to our Baptist Organizations that are currently on the ground in the affected locations. Also listed below is a link to Baptist on Mission listing things they are collecting to deliver at the appropriate time. If your church would like to collect these items and deliver them to the associational office by September the 18th I will make sure they get to the right place.
I will update as to any other efforts we may attempt regarding Harvey victim assistance.
Thank you for all you do!
James Harrington